The Consensus for American security

About the Consensus

The Consensus for American Security is an initiative of influential military and national security leaders who have come together to demonstrate bipartisan support for smart, pragmatic nuclear security policies.

The Consensus seeks to define the non-partisan center of the nuclear security debate.  The Consensus identifies and promotes practical strategies to reduce nuclear dangers to American and global security.  The Consensus works closely with decision-makers and the national media to encourage fair and balanced discourse about urgent nuclear challenges, The Consensus explains these issues in a way that all Americans can understand – from the need to prevent the spread of weapons to lawless regimes to the wisdom of investing in new technological breakthroughs that can protect against nuclear aggression.

The Consensus believes we can maintain a credible American deterrent as we press forward to reduce and devalue the role of nuclear weapons throughout the world.

Mission Statement

The United States must modernize its nuclear security strategy to reflect the realities of the 21st century. We can defeat new nuclear dangers if we align our vision, our forces, and our strategy to counter the whole spectrum of global threats. We cannot afford to risk our future or our children’s future by clinging to the familiar, but outmoded, assumptions of the past.

The Consensus for American Security is a non-partisan group of individuals committed to protecting the United States and its allies by promoting sound and informed discourse about national security