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Adams and Courtney: We must choose policy options likely to prevent both a nuclear-armed Iran and the outbreak of regional war.

• December 7th, 2011

In an Op-ed on Politico Brig Gen John Adams and Lt Col Chris Courtney discuss the realistic and strategic options in dealing with Iran.

You can read the article on Politico’s site here.

They conclude by saying:

We must choose policy options likely to prevent both a nuclear-armed Iran and the outbreak of regional war.

Rather than hurling the chips off the table by going directly to the war option, we need to keep our eyes on the prize: Reducing the risk of regional conflict by a graduated series of policy options that encourage Tehran to change direction in its march to a nuclear weapons capability.


Our Troops Deserve Better: New TV Ad Calls for Leadership on Effective National Security Spending

• November 22nd, 2011

ASP releases TV ad to encourage debate and political action around smart defense spending on nuclear weapons

WASHINGTON D.C., 22 November 2011 – Today, the American Security Project (ASP) released a new, televised advertisement entitled, “Our Troops Deserve Better.” The TV ad aims to promote the debate around responsible, smart, and effective defense spending while calling on elected leaders to not support proposed funding for a Cold War era nuclear strategy. (more…)

REPORT: Nuclear Threats and Countermeasures

• November 7th, 2011

New Report Explains Nuclear Threats and Countermeasures

A new report by the American Security Project uses compelling visuals and facts to depict modern nuclear security challenges to encourage debate among policy makers and the American public. (more…)

AOL Defense – Janne Nolan Weighs in: U.S. Dismantles Biggest U.S. Nukes Ever Built

• October 27th, 2011

Source: AOL Defense, 10/26/2011

ASP Director of Nuclear Security Programs Dr. Janne Nolan is quoted. (more…)

[DOWNLOAD] Ballistic Missiles: A Serious and Growing Threat

• October 18th, 2011

ASP Policy Analyst Eric Auner authors a perspective piece laying out the facts about the ballistic missile threat to the U.S. Eric says the ballistic missile threat from aggressor states like Iran is on the rise, but the U.S. must continue to use diplomatic, coopera­tive, technological, and military tools to manage the threats. Click below to learn more about ballistic missiles: (more…)

Political squabbles threaten to harm defense budgets – Dr. Janne Nolan speaks on a panel of experts

• September 15th, 2011

Source: Defense Systems, 9/15/2011

ASP Director of Nuclear Security Programs and Consensus Member, Dr. Janne Nolan, is featured.

“Another positive sign is that decision-makers seem to be following the mantra of “everything is on the table,” according to Janne Nolan, director of nuclear security at the American Security Project.

 “This should be taken as an opportunity to review critical priorities in the American posture,” she said. “We need to think about entitlements, tax reform and the part of federal spending that relates to national security as being part of public policy that is not sacrosanct in some way that elevates it out of the give-and-take of governments and democracy and interest groups.”

Click here to read the full article…

[BLOG] Shipping Containers: The Poor Man’s ICBM

• September 1st, 2011

By Matthew Wallin

60,000 people dead—instantly. 150,000 more exposed to hazardous radiation.  All ships and infrastructure at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach destroyed.  An exodus of six million people from the greater Los Angeles region.  Initial costs of $1 trillion.  This is exactly the scenario considered in a 2006 RAND Corporation study of the effects of a possible detonation of a 10-kiloton nuclear device hidden in a standard 20-foot shipping container.  In 2010 alone, these ports received a combined total of over 7.2 million 20-foot equivalent containers.   Haystack indeed. (more…)

The Hill – Brig. Gen. John Adams says, “Let’s seize the opportunity to take control of defense spending”

• August 29th, 2011

Source: The Hill, 8/29/11

Consensus member Brig. Gen. John Adams author’s an op-ed on controlling defense spending.

By Brig. Gen. John Adams

“For far too long the quality of our national security has been judged by the quantity of Pentagon spending and by the size of our armed forces. (more…)

Save the Date! 9/13/11 – A Look Back at the DoD Budget 10 Years After September 11th

• August 29th, 2011

ASP’s Director of Nuclear Security Programs, Dr. Janne Nolan, will be a featured speaker on a panel focusing on defense spending. The event will be held at the U.S. Capitol.

Other notable participants include: (more…)

The Consensus for American Security Welcomes Distinguished New Members

• July 19th, 2011

CFAS expands its roster of experts committed to building bi-partisan consensus on key national security issues

WASHINGTON D.C., 19 July 2011 – Today, the Consensus for American Security announced the addition of 11 new members including current and retired national security experts. (more…)

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