Read our new, illustrative report describing modern nuclear threats and countermeasures…

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ASP Policy Analyst Eric Auner says the ballistic missile threat from aggressor states like Iran is on the rise. Read this perspective piece to learn how we can combat them.

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Gen. Castellaw, Paul Hamill and Eric Auner discuss nuclear security issues and the future of the Marine Corps. Listen…

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Consensus member Dr. Janne Nolan discusses the heavily debated subject of defense spending on a panel of experts…

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In previous decades, and in the face of other great threats, we found unity in confronting the dangers of the Second World War and the Cold War. Since then, our national security consensus has collapsed.

To meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, we are forging a new Consensus for American Security. Our views are grounded in pragmatic analysis of America’s national interests, our security objectives, and our values as a people.

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Adams and Courtney: We must choose policy options likely to prevent both a nuclear-armed Iran and the outbreak of regional war.

• December 7th, 2011

In an Op-ed on Politico Brig Gen John Adams and Lt Col Chris Courtney discuss the realistic and strategic options in dealing with Iran. You can read the article on Politico’s site here. They conclude by saying: We must choose policy options likely to prevent both a nuclear-armed Iran and the outbreak of regional war. Rather than hurling [...]

Our Troops Deserve Better: New TV Ad Calls for Leadership on Effective National Security Spending

• November 22nd, 2011

ASP releases TV ad to encourage debate and political action around smart defense spending on nuclear weapons WASHINGTON D.C., 22 November 2011 – Today, the American Security Project (ASP) released a new, televised advertisement entitled, “Our Troops Deserve Better.” The TV ad aims to promote the debate around responsible, smart, and effective defense spending while [...]

REPORT: Nuclear Threats and Countermeasures

• November 7th, 2011

New Report Explains Nuclear Threats and Countermeasures A new report by the American Security Project uses compelling visuals and facts to depict modern nuclear security challenges to encourage debate among policy makers and the American public. WASHINGTON D.C., 7 November 2011 – Today, the American Security Project  (ASP), with support from the Consensus for American [...]