About the Consensus

About the ConsensusThe Consensus for American Security consists of retired senior military officers and national security experts who are motivated by a sense of urgency to improve America’s nuclear security, reduce the likelihood of terrorists obtaining nuclear materials, and confront the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The members of the Consensus have experienced firsthand the day-to-day fight to keep America safe. They understand the need for a new national consensus on nuclear security and they have banded together to share that view with the public.

As the public discussion of nuclear security, arms control, and proliferation continues, members of the Consensus will lend the pragmatic voice of experience to the national dialogue through outreach to the media, policy makers, and opinion leaders; supporting key policy measures designed to move defense and foreign policies toward a smart and comprehensive 21st century nuclear security strategy; and hosting forums and other public events to educate decision makers about the dangers invited by failure to address today’s nuclear threats.

Mission Statement

Strengthening and modernizing America’s nuclear security is a vital element of protecting the United States and its allies. We can only do this by engaging with the world. We must not chain ourselves to the security threats of a bygone era; we must align our weapons, forces and capabilities around the security threats we face now. Failure to do so risks our own future. We can no longer afford to look back.

The Consensus for American Security is a non-partisan group of individuals committed to protecting the United States and its allies from nuclear catastrophe. The Consensus’s work is supported by the Ploughshares Fund, a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to reducing the role of nuclear weapons and fundamentally changing nuclear weapons policy.