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Release of Comprehensive Book on Iran, Including History of Nuclear Program

• October 19th, 2010 would like to highlight the release of a new book published jointly by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the United States Institute of Peace and edited by Robin Wright, entitled “The Iran Primer: Power, Politics, and U.S. Policy.” The book is now available for reading online at:

ISIS’s David Albright and Andrea Stricker contributed a chapter to The Iran Primer on the history of Iran’s nuclear program.  It can be accessed on the USIP website here. It is also available on the website of PBS Frontline here.

Official book description:
The Iran Primer: Power, Politics, and U.S. Policy” is a unique publication by 50 of the world’s top scholars on Iran representing some 20 foreign policy think tanks, eight universities and senior foreign policy officials from six U.S. administrations. The book has no single political perspective or agenda, as the authors approach the subjects with a wide range of views. The collection offers perspective on 50 different aspects of Iran’s politics, economy, military, nuclear program and society. It probes Iran’s foreign relations with a dozen nearby countries or regions. It chronicles U.S.-Iran relations under six American presidents. And it explores the West’s five options in dealing with Iran in the future.

We must restart our stalled nuclear talks

• October 13th, 2010

Financial Times

Madeleine Albright and Igor Ivanov

Published: October 13 2010

In September the US Senate foreign relations committee voted to support New Start, an important treaty limiting nuclear arms in America and Russia. It was a hopeful step, but sadly politics intervened. The full Senate will not now consider the treaty until after November’s elections, and even then partisan bickering could see delays into 2011. Given that Russia’s Duma is waiting for the Senate, we can now expect delays to a treaty that is in both nations’ interest and will push back the timetable for future nuclear negotiations.

Working across the aisle matters

• October 10th, 2010

OCTOBER 10, 2010

Jackson Sun

There are some in Congress today and others who are running for office who reject compromise and have even pledged not to talk with members of the other party. This is not how democracy works.


National Security Experts And Top Military Officials Unite To Push Senate Vote On New START Treaty

• September 28th, 2010

WASHINGTON D.C., 28 September 2010 – Today members of the Consensus for American Security submitted a letter to Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Mitch McConnell urging a Senate ratification vote on the New START Treaty before the end of the year.


International Affairs Expert, Dr. Janne Nolan, Joins the American Security Project

• September 27th, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C., 27 September 2010 – The American Security Project (ASP) today announced the appointment of Dr. Janne Nolan as the Director of Nuclear Security.



• September 16th, 2010

The Consensus for American Security members welcomes the bi-partisan vote for the New Start Treaty


Don’t allow politics to stop New START

• September 16th, 2010

Nuclear treaty is essential to our national security, as defense leaders and experts from both parties attest, but partisan pressure threatens its passage.
By John Castellaw, Special to Viewpoint
Thursday, September 16, 2010

In the coming weeks, an important national security decision faces our U.S. senators — to vote to ratify the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). START can stabilize America’s strategic nuclear forces, provide vital intelligence and verification, and bring about a modest but needed reduction in nuclear weapons. It must be ratified.


Bolton is STILL Wrong on Start

• September 15th, 2010

By Colin Clark Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 9:59 am
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With the Senate likely to vote on the new START treaty this week, activists are eager to ensure every senator has what they think is the right information. John Bolton, former Bush administration honcho on arms controls, fired another salvo in the Wall Street Journal, arguing that the Obama administration is wrong to count converted boomers as nuclear assets. Dennis M. Gormley, a former intelligence professional who now teaches at the University of Pittsburg’s Ridgway Center, strikes back at Bolton here. arguing that the Joint Chiefs actually know what they are doing and that Bolton is wrong.

It’s time for the Senate to vote on New START

• September 10th, 2010

By George P. Shultz, Madeleine K. Albright, Gary Hart and Chuck Hagel
Friday, September 10, 2010

Washington Post

The Senate should promptly vote to approve the New Strategic Arms Reductions Treaty (New START) with Russia for one reason: It increases U.S. national security. This is precisely why Defense Secretary Robert Gates declared at the outset of Senate consideration of the treaty that it has “the unanimous support of America’s military leadership.”



• September 10th, 2010

Washington Monthly

Steve Benen

September 10, 2010

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE WITH NEW START…. The Obama administration’s new arms-control treaty with Russia has to be ratified. Of course, it takes 67 votes to approve a treaty in the Senate, which means finding eight Republicans mature enough to do the right thing.

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